How Do You Get It Done ?

How do you get it done ? Part 2

Priority Sessions Come First

In any 27 week program , there is around 27 to 39 sessions each 3 week block, so that between 250 to 350 individual workouts you can undertake. And that is before you add in the core sessions, the stretching sessions and all those other workouts your physio, yogi and spouse want you to do.  That does not mean you should (or would) do them all (except those recommended by your spouse). Fortunately life prevents us from turning ourselves inside out and accomplishing 100% of all  workouts.

We try to remind you each week / block what the important or priority sessions are to get done. As these priority sessions are usually either an important foundation in themselves to the entire progression of the program, or a part of a gradual building process during the entire 27 week program, these are often very easy to schedule into your weekly routine. For example, most of us schedule our long ride for Saturday morning knowing that each week we undertake a long ride. However, it may not always be possible to do the one session on the one day each week. Sometimes you may have to forego a B or C priority session to get the priority A session in on another day. AND THAT IS OK !


Never Give Up a Rest Session / Day

Some of the Ironchicks joke that our ironman program actually doesn't have a rest day, just no swimming on a Monday morning. They have nicknamed it "SIM" week for Sleep In Monday. But seriously, we are secretly stoked that is the attitude that has been adopted. It would be easy to use it as a catch-up swimming session for ones missed or to throw in that ME bike session when an easy SS session is scheduled.

Without rest and recovery your body does not adapt to the training load you have placed it under. Without adaptation there is no improvement. Full stop !


Planning and Backup Planning

We've written about the importance of planning before.

Backup planning is just as important. To explain what we mean here are some examples of what head coach Bruiser does;

Often my work takes me away from home. Where I am away for the day and I have say a run planned for the afternoon I have 3 options. If I get done on time and can get back to my usual session, I am packed ready to go. If I am  not going to get all the way home in time I stop at a point half way where I know there are perfect trails for running. If I am running late I plan to get my run done as soon as I finish work wherever I am. The same applies for swim sessions.

Traveling away has taught me to be resourceful - I travel with my bike and a mobile Computrainer set up, my swimming bands for dry land workouts and have my running routes all planned in advance. Expecting it all just to fall into place is as naive as turning up to a race with no training hoping the body will "know" what to do.

But most importantly, knowing what you've got on tomorrow, next week and next month is important too. You know most Ferrosapien Sports programs work on a cycle of 3 weeks and the same type of session is usually scheduled on the same day tri-weekly. Put all of your commitments into the one calendar so you can see how you can fit it all in, what needs to be dropped and whether you might need to get creative to meet two commitments at once.