How Do You Get It Done ?

Getting It Done. Part 1

Fitting in all the training can sometimes be more challenging than race day itself. Some days you've just got to be a little flexible.

Ironman flexibility

The Hardest Question for a Coach..."How?"

In the context of training for training for half and iron distance triathlons, the "How do I.....?" is the most common and difficult question we get. 

The questions fall into the following categories; How do I...

  • get it (the training) done
  • get faster / stronger / fitter / better
  • avoid illness / injury
  • know I am getting somewhere
  • know I am buying the right gear

We'd like to just say "Follow the program" but it ain't that simple. The program accounts for about 5% - the other 95% is your commitment. To try to guide your enthusiasm as best we can, over the next few weeks and months we want to punch out a few emails to give you some "How to" ideas to launch you into your best season of triathlon racing ever.

How do you get it done ?

Simple question, complex answer.

To answer this question, I think it is best to discard a concept that there is only one way to train - whether it be for Olympic, 113 or 226km events. It is simply not right. Unfortunately, our attachment to a Gregorian calendar means we are beholden to a seven day week and the reality is that this means 5 of those are generally devoted to work, and in this regard generally speaking most of us work during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm.

Yes, I have read that the ultimate training rotation is a 10 day cycle. That's great if you don't have a job, spouse, kids or friends. So the reality is that most of us work around a seven day / weekly training calendar. In many ways this makes sense to me because it is the training that should be fitting into our lives not the other way around.

Then, there are those of us who have regular or ad hoc shift work rotations; e.g. miners, emergency service workers, parents. Trying to train when your circadian rhythm is so far out of whack that you don't know if it is morning or afternoon is probably one of the most difficult challenges for a triathlete. That gets it's own article ! 

Like the caption says, some days (or weeks or months), getting in the training means being flexible. This is on many levels but I prioritise them this way;

  • Aiming to get the priority A and B sessions in each week - no matter when where or how;
  • Never giving up a rest session / day;
  • Planning and back-up planning;
  • Being comfortable missing A and B sessions when life commitments demand this happens;
  • Support
  • Getting innovative with my sessions
  • Keeping the enthusiasm topped up

The plan is to explore some of these tips in greater detail over the next few weeks and months to get you set for a great season in 2015/2016.


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